Judd adds important 19th Century volumes to the Collection

Anyone working in the History of Australian Christianity knows the work by Stephen Judd and Ken Cable on Sydney Anglicans. Judd’s work there, and at Hammondcare, have made significant contributions to the understanding evangelical Christianity in the country, and so retaining the sources which underpin such a work is valuable both in itself and as a contribution to future histories yet to be written. It is therefore with great pleasure that Alphacrucis College has taken receipt of over 40 volumes from the “Judd Collection”, which will combine with the Piggin Collection to provide a wider view of the thought and action of evangelical Christians in Australia in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The oldest piece in Collection is W.G. Broughton’s The Church in the Colonies: Dioceses of Australia and New Zealand (vol. II), (London 1846), an extremely rare volume complete in itself given (as the inscription in the front of the book notes) by James Beck to Henry F. Cowper as a gift in 1847. The volume includes “Two Journals of Visitation by the Lord Bishop of Australia 1843” and “Letters from the Bishop to SPG in visitations to NZ 1842 and 1843”. The volume is a real contribution to the “rare books” collection of the Centre, and assists, as with the other books in the Judd Collection (such as Autobiography and Reminiscences by the first Australian-born Anglican Clergyman, William Macquarie Cowper, a very suitable addition to a collection based on “Cowper Street”, Parramatta!), in filling out the growing reference collection illustrating the history of Christianity in Australia. Our warm thanks go to Stephen Judd and his family, not only for the gift the collection, but for their significant contributions to the great heritage of the gospel in Australia.